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100Ah ATS Transfer Switch

100Ah ATS Transfer Switch

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  • Description

KIPOR mains transfer switch ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch).

This switch is compatible with: KDE6700TA, KDE12STA.

The KIPOR auto mains transfer switch system (ATS) monitors incoming voltage from the grid or other source 24 hours a days 7 days a week. The instillation of this switch does not affect your electrical system.

When power from the grid (or other source such as a battery bank / wind turbine system) fails the transfer switch senses the voltage drop and signals the generator to start. The Kipor automatic transfer switch will then safely disconnect the usual supply line and open a new power line from the generator. Within seconds the generator will begin supplying electricity.

During a power outage, the Kipor mains transfer switch (ATS) will monitor the mains power for a period before it is satisfied that mains voltage has returned at a consistent and acceptable level. Only then will the Kipor mains transfer switch (ATS) transfer the electrical load back to the mains source and shut down the generator (standby).

During normal standby, the Kipor mains transfer switch (ATS) will trickle charge the 12V starter battery on the generator to ensure it is fully charged.

The Kipor mains transfer switch (ATS) is simple, cost effective and only takes a few hours to install.